A commitment to intuitive software

About us

LightGlue was started in 2015 by Paul Henty and Robert Eastham as a project to develop a rapid development software platform for data driven applications to run on HTML5 web browsers.  The aim was to simplify and speed up the writing of HTML applications by building the technologies, frameworks and functionality into the platform. The platform was completed in December 2017.


Paul and Robert previously worked together in Unity Software Limited, a company they co-founded in 1997 specialising in financial software for the trust and fund management market.  Unity was sold in 2014 to a public company.


Paul has a life time experience in the development of business software applications and is an expert in web and database technologies. Prior to Unity Software, Robert was a Partner in an international accountancy firm specialising in the application of information technology to private client and fund management. Both share a commitment to intuitive software that works for the user.